Pittwater offshore artists: open studios

WaterMarks 24th & 25th September 2011

Artist Marion van den Driesschen. See all artists & studios.

November news: offshore artists post-WaterMarks raffle: win a work of art! See the works and how to buy your tickets.

WaterMarks takes place in the picturesque, water-access communities of West Pittwater, NSW.
Take a self-guided walk-about tour of artists’ studios on Scotland Island and beautiful Elvina Bay. Visit a unique community of artists in their idyllic studios and homes.

WaterMarks gives you a weekend of celebrated printmakers, painters, iconographers, writers, performing artists
and filmmakers at work.

Join us and celebrate the arts

  • Enjoy live demonstrations, workshops and performances
  • Take home an original piece of art, direct from the studio
  • Experience author Susan Duncan’s Pittwater, as written about in Salvation Creek

WaterMarks artists

Michelle Ball, Gloria BohorquezCheryl Byers, Carole Corrie, Nick CreechJonathan DuhigJames GardinerPeggy Havukainen, Rouge Hoffman, Juliet Holmes à CourtJune Lahm, Dimitri LihachovAnnette Lodge, Jan Melville, Barry Macdonald, Heather Macorison, Hilary MacorisonMichelle McDonald, Andrew MillsHannah Paine, Anne Palmer, Kauri PalmerMax PeetGwyn Perkins, Tracy PonichJoy Purvis, Ellie Shore, Jan Sindel-Hand, Paul Smith, Tracy SmithVanessa Snaith, Rick TailbyMarion van den Driesschen, Jack Vaughan, David Wardman, Dianne Watts, Martin WilliamsAnne WillmanPenelope Wise

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