Studio: Jack Vaughan - "The Glass Chapel"

Elvina Bay Studio: Jack Vaughan. "The Glass Chapel."Annexed to the house, Jack Vaughan’s studio was originally part of a farmhouse in Elvina Bay.

Light-filled with a cathedral ceiling, he refers to his studio as “The Glass Chapel.”

Bio: Jack Vaughan

Artist Jack Vaughan. Woody Point.Sydney-born Jack Vaughan has had a long career in advertising creativity, essentially on the writing side.

Along with the verbal, Jack has long had an abiding interest in the visual. But it wasn’t until the early 90’s, between postings in Sydney and London, that Jack managed to attend art school for Artist Jack Vaughan. Cremorne Point.the first time: Charles H. Cecil Studios, a classically-based atelier-style art school in Florence, Italy.

Since then he has taken up the paintbrush almost exclusively for water subjects. “I’m fascinated by water, but I’m sure most people are”, says Jack. There must be a reason 90% of our population cling to the coastal fringe.”

Jack lives as close as possible to the water in Elvina Bay.



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